August 13, 2012

Podcasts might actually be a bad thing...

Recently at work I've been doing a lot of data checking, which is as boring as it sounds.

However, I actually don't mind it too much, because I can kind of get into a zone and tear through it.  Also, it gives me ample time to catch up on Podcasts.

Now, my interest in Podcasts is fairly new.  Awhile back, my friend Rachel listed a whole bunch that she enjoyed on our old team blog, FiberFreaks (the post is likely still viewable here, but the blog itself is no longer updated).  I tried to listen to a couple of the knitting ones, but not too many of them appealed to me, so I lost interest.

Recently, though, I've re-discovered a few of them and found several that I really enjoy, both knitting-related and not.  However, my wallet is bracing itself because so many of the knitting ones have listed books, yarns, projects, accessories, or yarn clubs that I have been intriuged by.  I have a giant list of sticky notes that I have to go through with things mentioned in various podcasts.

I don't listen to very many because I have a hard time keeping up with them.  If you're interested in what's currently on my Podcast list, though, click past the break.

Knit Picks Podcast: I tend to skip the interview episodes, but I really enjoy the episodes that discuss techniques.  I especially enjoyed the podcast all about gauge, and have it saved for reference!  Plus, yarn.

The Knitmore Girls:  I love the Knitmore Girls' book reviews and discussions on spinning (something I'd like to try someday!)  They also have a great bit where they "borrow" segments from other podcasts, which has caused me to keep a list of others I have to try (also, see below).

Knit 1 Geek 2:  As soon as the Knitmore Girls mentioned this podcast, I knew it would be the one for me.  The girls talk about knitting stuff as well as all things geeky (Doctor Who, Firefly, Sherlock, Avengers...I could go on and on).  I think they might be my soulmates.

(Non-Knitting Related)
Stuff You Should Know:  Just...awesome.  Josh and Chuck make learning fun and entertaining!  These never get old, and this is the only podcast where I've downloaded episodes from LONG ago (as they're still relevant).

Talking Toons with Rob Paulsen:  Rob Paulsen is a voice actor (famous for Pinky and Yakko from Animaniacs, among many many others), and he often has other voice talent on for interviews.  Favorites of mine have been Jess Harnell (voice of Wakko), Bill Farmer (Goofy), Maurice Lamarche (The Brain, Futurama) and Billy West (Futurama).  I find this profession fascinating, and its fun to hear the voices of characters you've known and loved suddenly pop out of nowhere.

Nerdist:  This one is pretty popular, but I don't generally listen to all the shows.  The ones I have listened to have been HILARIOUS.  The one with Levar Burton left me barely able to breathe, red-faced and crying (with laughter).

I would love suggestions for new podcasts to try out, so please leave me a comment if you have favorites you'd like to share!


  1. Thanks for this posting, hadn't thought of this avenue to look for info. One question as there are so many podcasts in the Knitting section which one was on gauge, that sounds like one I'd like to listen to. Thanks.

    1. The podcast on gauge was the Knit Picks Podcast, Episode 158 (April 28, 2011). Hope that helps!