April 18, 2017

Knitting, why have you forsaken me?!

I should have known. Or more correctly, I knew. I knew the socks seemed a little big; they were a little loose when I tried them on. Wasn't too worried about it; mother assured me she didn't care.

I plugged along, finished the foot as per the instructions (1 inch shorter than foot length). Plowed through the heels (which are Double Stitch Short Row heels).

Y'all...they are ENORMOUS. Things went terribly, terribly wrong.

I checked my gauge when I first noticed the bigness, and thought I was getting 8.5-9 stitches per inch. Online calculators informed me that my stitch count (64) was right on for that gauge. But...I KNEW.

Having re-checked it (since I now have the world's largest sock swatch), I seem to be getting 7 stitches per inch! I don't know if things are stretching or I'm blind, or both.


Lessons learned:
  1. Listen to your knitting common sense FOR GOD'S SAKE.
  2. Quadruple check your gauge.
I'm digging my favorite trusty sock book out of storage as well, since it never steered me wrong before. Oh, and a size 1 circular (I'm pretty sure I have one somewhere).

ARGH. *insert sounds of my hysterical weeping here as I mournfully update my Ravelry page*

In other news, I guess this means I'll be able to snug up and perfect the heels the next time around.

April 16, 2017

Sock Progress & a Shawl Problem

Despite the fact that I'm not even to the heel on the mom socks, I've been "shopping" around for my next project.

My bundles page on Ravelry reveals that I might have a knitting preference these days:

The bigger problem will be deciding which one to knit first! I'm thinking about trying to make a shawl using my Mean Girls Yarn Club Hoity Toity (which was originally going to be a Brickless). I found this really neat pattern at my LYS called Decay, where the lace/garter sections are determined by the color changes. Could be really cool looking!

At any rate, just so you all know I'm not a total slacker, here is the current progress on the socks:

As I mentioned in my last post, the yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere, and it is a DELIGHT to knit with. So soft, no splitting. I'm a little jealous that my mom will be getting cashmere socks!

April 13, 2017

Here goes...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had started some two-at-a-time (toe up) socks back in September (post-Ravellenic Games), and had only gotten about half way through the toe increases before stopping.

I picked those bad boys up again this past weekend and started knitting them again.

They're even longer now, just over 5 inches--I'm very pleased with my progress. The yarn is Smooshy with Cashmere, and I'm following a tutorial for two-at-a-time magic loop socks from Heidi Bears. My mom picked this yarn out way back in December of 2014! Nothing like having a slacker for a daughter. I'm hoping to have these done in time for Mother's Day. Mom prefers very simple socks--plain feet and a basic 2x2 ribbed leg, so right now I'm just whizzing through the knitting.

I've knit two-at-a-time magic loop socks before, but this will be my first time trying a short row heel-eek!

April 5, 2017

Um...hi? ;D

My knitting sure has taken a dive lately, which is hilarious since I had ankle surgery in November and was doing a lot of sitting around. Did I knit? No.

I do have updates since my last post, however!
  • Chroma Striped Scarf 
    • Decided that this was never going to happen, and frogged it. I think. At least, I remember thinking about frogging it, but now I can't remember if I ever actually pulled the yarn out? Huh.
  • Plushy Mittens (originally started Dec. 2013)
    • I totally finished these back in August of 2015, literally six days after my last post. They are amazing and plushy, and perfect when I have to go outside and clean snow off my car.

  • de Bourgh Brickless (originally started Aug. 2014).
    • I actually did quite a bit of work on this, only to decide I hated how it looked. Frogged, though I really, really want to use the yarn for something else, I just don't know what.
  •  Ripple Effect 
    • Sound the triumphant chorus, I finished a project last year! I participated in the Ravellenic Games, finally finishing my Ripple Effect Shawl (designed by my buddy Rachel at Unraveled Designs), and FINISHED IT ON TIME. It was an Olympic Miracle!! I was so proud of myself that I bought a Ravellenic Games pin.

  • Mom socks (started Sept. 2016)
    • I don't have a Ravelry page for these yet, which is fine since I haven't gotten very far. I only cast on the toes, knit a few rounds, and then stopped. I'm trying Heidi Bears Two-at-a-Time Magic Loop tutorial for these. I'm one of those folks that gets Second Sock Syndrome, so this is ideal since I like to make my mom things and she happens to like knit socks. Now if only I actually break down and KNIT THEM.

August 15, 2015

I always jinx myself

I have been long overdue for a post, but was in a knitting funk (obviously). Only lately have I started up again, and its still been rather slow. Let me update you on my (lack of) shenanigans!

  • Chroma Striped Scarf 
    • This hasn't been worked on at all, and will forever be in progress/hibernation. Oh well.
  • Raphaelite Socks (originally started Jan. 2013)
    • I've frogged these. When I pulled them out the other day to start working on them, I tried on the completed one only to pull a hole in the heel. Not sure if its the yarn (moths? cats?), or my knitting skillz, but I wasn't going to knit a whole other sock when one had a giant hole in it already. 
  • Plushy Mittens (originally started Dec. 2013)
    • I had re-started these last December because I wanted to make them shorter (I didn't like the longer arms), and the cuff of one got finished at some point. Just need to keep plugging away. I'd actually like to finish these before winter this year HA.
  • de Bourgh Brickless (originally started Aug. 2014).
    • Have worked on this in bits and pieces. Still in progress!
  •  Ripple Effect 
    • Still haven't restarted. I'll probably work on this after I finish the mittens and the Brickless.
  • Chevron Baby Blanket Number 1 (I discussed in the last post): 
    • This went NOWHERE. I didn't like that it was stockinette, and then I got unmotivated. Frogged! (It's not even on my projects page). HOWEVER:
  • Chevron Baby Blanket Number 2
    • I tried out a different pattern for my new baby niece, and actually completed it. In a month. I may have given myself carpel tunnel, but it was worth it. I picked the colors to match the nursery:
(Ignore the creases, I folded it up when I gifted it to them)

I love how this turned out! It's more garter stitch style, which makes it squeezable and cozy. The pattern was easy to remember, but not horrifically boring, so I powered through pretty well.

I have so much yarn that you'd think I'd be motivated to do something with it (and I have IDEAS, but a lack of motivation). However, lately I've suddenly become re-interested in cross-stitch again, so if I break down and do any of that, perhaps I'll blog about it here as well.

December 4, 2014

And suddenly, there were projects

Because the cold weather was apparently all I needed to get motivated, I've been working on a few things simultaneously--some old, some new.

Once the urge to knit hit me again, I started revisiting some UFOs and establishing if they were worthy of continuing (answer: yes...sort of). I tried to keep in mind something my friend Sam always says (quoting Gigi of the Knitmore Girls): If you don't like it now, you won't like it later. Apparently I'm pretty good about picking things I like, because I didn't want to quit any of them completely.

I have the following on needles right now (listed from oldest start date to newest):
  • Chroma Striped Scarf (this will be on-going for all eternity, so I'm not especially worried about it)
  • Raphaelite Socks (originally started Jan. 2013; I have one sock completely done, and just the start of the toe on the other.)
  • Plushy Mittens (originally started Dec. 2013--had nearly one whole arm of the first mitten done.)
  •  Ripple Effect (technically started May 2014, but then I messed it up and pulled it out, so its just yarn again right now. Not technically on needles at the moment)
  • de Bourgh Brickless (originally started Aug. 2014--just barely started).
  • Chevron Baby Blanket (started just a few days ago!)

Order of priorities? Well, I'd like those pesky mittens since its actually winter. I pulled them back out and started working on them, only to decide after about 10 minutes that I didn't like the long arm because my coat is tight at the sleeves. I looked through the projects page and found a pair someone made with a simple wrist (but keeping the cabled hand), and decided to pull it all out and start over. I've finished the cuff and started the thumb gusset of mitten #1. Whee!

Second project of importance: a baby blanket. Which I hadn't even started, but I'd been thinking about for months. A friend is expecting their first child in the middle of January, and I had planned on having a blanket ready for them by the birth. I had the yarn already (Caron Simply Soft), and so have started that.

I started the third stripe (white) just the other day, so its moving along nicely. The blanket is a pleasant and easy knit--the pattern is easy to remember, but has enough tricks to keep me paying attention. I only wish that it was garter rather than stockinette, because if I was knitting on both sides I think I could whip through it even faster.

Luckily, it appears I'll have more babies to knit for in the future, so I'll be able to give that a shot! Now, if only I could finish those socks.

November 17, 2014

In which I am still alive...and knitting!

Prepare to clutch your pearls, everyone, because I am BACK. Sort of.

Apparently all it takes for me to get back in a knitting mood is super cold weather! All I want right now is a pair of giant mittens (I should probably finish the ones I started), and ALL the warms things to wrap around my neck.

I had started a Brickless back at the end of August, hoping that something a little less complicated would get me back into the groove, but seeing as it is now November, that apparently wasn't enough. But I did knit on it yesterday, and am thankful that the pattern is pretty easy.


The yarn I'm using is an old colorway from the Mean Girls Yarn Club, called "Hoity Toity" (named for Lady Catherine de Bourgh from Pride and Prejudice). I traded my soul purchased it from a club member who didn't want it, since it was from the episode before I joined the club. SO PRETTY.