August 31, 2012

I'm running out of adjectives

So, in typical Jackie-fashion, I only managed to squeeze in about 15 minutes of knitting my entire trip.  Boo!  So the shawl is still in its very, very beginning stages.  Hopefully I can squeeze in some knitting time this weekend, but things are already filling up--I can sense summer coming to an end, and I'm trying to get as much outdoor time as possible before its cold and miserable.  Ugh, I hate the cold--but it does give me an excuse to wear my knits.

On my adventure, I did manage to go to a few yarn shops (shocker).  My favorite was in Salt Lake City, called Blazing Needles.  The name is awesome, and the shop itself is super cute!  The staff was very friendly and helpful as well, so if you're ever out that way, I recommend making a stop.  I also made attempts to visit a couple shops in Colorado, near the Denver area: Showers of Flowers and The Recycled Lamb (hee!).  Sadly, Shower of Flowers was closed the day I tried to go there (computer problems), but I peeked in the windows and it is HUGE.  Really wish I could have checked it out.  Recycled Lamb was nice, and again, the staff was super friendly and helpful--they had a decent selection of yarns and quite possibly EVERY COLOR of Brown Sheep yarn possible.  Seriously.  I should have taken a picture (what kind of blogger am I?!)

So, even though I didn't manage to get any knitting in I did manage to satisfy my fiber freak ;)

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