September 19, 2012


I attempted my Traveling Woman again last night.  I even pulled out my chart keeper and its fancy magnets to keep everything straight.  I very, very carefully knit Row 5.  Things seemed fine.  Back across Row 6--things were still matching up.  I looked at the clock and thought, "I have plenty of time to do rows 7 and 8!" and started Row 7.

Immediately things seemed amiss.  I carefully counted my stitches, double-checked the pattern...but my purls weren't lining up.  Instead of trusting my knitter's instincts and checking the chart (I've been following the written instructions--its easier on my brain), I plowed ahead, assuming it was just how the pattern was.  Got to the end, where I was supposed to have 8 stitches left...and only had 7.  Panic.  Anger!  Then I realized what I'd done:  I'd forgotten to do a yarn over before the last two stitches of Row 6.  That's why I was a stitch off and a stitch short.  ARGH.

So now I'm in the process of tinking back Row 7.

For the record, the entire stockinette portion of this shawl has you use stitch markers at either end, to keep that yo k2 (or k2 yo depending on the end) straight, but when you start the lace section there is NO MENTION of the markers!  The stockinette instructions had always had instructions to slip the marker, but there wasn't any sign of it in the lace instructions, so I assumed I was to remove them. 

I am totally putting them back so that I don't have another airhead moment and forget to yarn over!

September 17, 2012


Ugh.  Nothing infuriates me more than when I make a mistake and have to backtrack.  It will come as no surprise after that opening sentence that, of course, on Row 5 of Chart A of the Traveling Woman shawl, I managed to goof up.  I thought I figured it out my issue, but when I went back across the wrong side (Row 6) things were NOT RIGHT.  So I had to frog all the way back to my lifeline (the START of Chart A), and spent my weekend knitting time re-doing something I'd already done once.  Grumble.  I'm actually waiting to start Row 5 as we speak.

I would have gotten farther along but my DVD player died.  That likely sounds strange (and is a poor excuse!) but I really like having a movie I've seen before playing in the background when I knit (it can't be new, because then I don't pay attention).  America's Next Top Model reruns are equally good, but alas, the weekend seemed to be devoid of ANTM episodes. I considered listening to a podcast, but really, I was dreading going through Row 5 again.  Hopefully I can suck it up and get something done this week.

Anyone else have any habits that help them getting knitting done?  Do you like to have noise in the background or complete silence?  Is there a certain spot you like to sit?  Please share! :)

September 4, 2012

The calm before the storm

My progress on the Traveling Woman shawl has been steady the last couple of days, but I'm still only in the stockinette increase section.  I guess it makes sense that production seems to be slowing a bit, because each row takes me longer and longer to do.

Sorry for the cell phone picture.

I have about 10 repeats of the stockinette left before I start the part I'm a little nervous about: the actual lace bits.  I've read through the pattern several times, and it seems like something I can handle, but I can't help but wonder if I'll be totally confused when I get there. 

Charts don't help, because my brain doesn't work that way (apparently).  Words I get, I understand, but symbols on a chart intimidate me and all those little boxes can be confusing.  I did alright when I tried colorwork, but those weren't really symbols--the boxes were just colored in (or not).  I should probably practice at the chart-reading thing, though.