February 11, 2012

Simple socks

I'm getting ready to start a new pair of socks (for my mom, as usual) and I've decided to embark on a bit of an adventure with them.

Not long ago, I managed my first toe-up magic loop sock in the form of the Skew Socks.  I don't have a problem with dpns, but something about magic loop made it so much more pleasant; maybe it was less fiddly?

At any rate, while my mom liked the Skews and thought they were funky, she is partial to the first pair of socks I knit for her (which was the first pair of socks I knit EVER).  They're very simple: a 2x2 ribbed leg, heel flap, and plain stockinette foot.  I feel like her love for them has more to do with the Mini Mochi I knit them with than the pattern, but she insisted that the new socks should be the same (also Mochi, but plain too).

I had a feeling that I would never be inspired to work on them, as I like to incorporate a new technique in most of my projects (not only grow as a knitter, but to also stave off boredom).  Then I had a brain wave:  I could knit them cuff down, with magic loop (which would be sort of new).  And it would be so much more pleasant. 

Then I had a totally crazy idea:  what about two-at-a-time?  I spent awhile watching videos and reading tutorials and I think I can manage it.  I'm still a little unclear about the heel/gusset part, but I have faith in myself.

So here's hoping I not only finish these socks in less than 3 months, but that it goes smoothly!  Wish me luck.

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