February 5, 2012

Knitting quickly (or not)

About a week ago, I spotted a post on Knitting in Color about how not to knit faster, and it got me thinking about my knitting methods.  Not long before I saw that post, one of my knit night friends told me she'd changed her purls and now she could do it so much more quickly and efficiently.

Back on Fiber Freaks a million years ago, I often waxed poetic about how I wanted to adjust how I knit so that I could be faster.  I knit Continental, technically, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the hang of picking.  So I basically gave up, and continued with my go-to method (which I've seen described on Ravelry as "continental wrapping"--turns out I'm not the only one to knit this way, yay!) 

Sometimes I do wish I could speed along like I see a lot of people doing in videos, and sometimes I also secretly wonder if I should switch over to English style since I like to wrap so much...but really, I'm pretty content with my style (for now).  It's comfortable, and I can be pretty quick at it (don't let the video above fool you--I get weirdly self conscious when knitting on video.  I swear!)

That being said, I would like to minimize my movements a little more, and to figure out a way to move my stitches along more smoothly.  I always seem to have to stop and shift the stitches around, and its very bothersome. 

But the biggest thing I need to do to improve my knitting speed?  ACTUALLY WORK ON MY PROJECTS!

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