February 18, 2012

Plugging along

I had a goal for myself to try and post at least twice a week, and totally failed at that goal as soon as I made it.  Figures.

In happier news, I'm plugging right along on my socks!

Please ignore the cat fur.  *sigh*

Check me out!  I'm loving this magic loop two-at-a-time thing.  I'm still nervous about the heels, but I have several more inches to go on the leg of the socks before I have to really worry about it.

One of my concerns is due to the fact that I'm following the instructions for heels in the 4-stitch pattern section of the book Sensational Knitted Socks.  The instructions have you unknit the last purl stitch, and then shift things around to center the pattern.  I can't do that via magic loop (unless I take them off and do them on DPNs to do the heels, but I don't want to do that).  For these socks, it doesn't matter and I'll skip that particular step because my mom wants the plain stockinette feet.  In the future though, I may have to start out with my pattern already centered, which could be interesting (at least, that's how my friend Sam helped me figure it out).

If anyone has any suggestions/advice for this problem on future socks, I'd love to know!

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