January 30, 2012

Ye Olde Ravelry Queue

I have three projects on my needles right now (the Jenny Cloche, socks for my mom that I haven't even finished swatching yet, and the Noro Chroma Striped Scarf), but as fellow Ravelers out there know, that doesn't stop me from queueing everything I think is pretty.

Every once and awhile I go back through the queue and purge the things that I no longer admire, or know I'll never make, or maybe I just queued to find more easily (I never used to favorite anything; now I do).  At any rate, there are things that have been in my queue for forever, and I thought if I posted some of them here it would rile me into action. 
  • Raphaelite Socks--I actually know the fabulous designer of these gorgeous socks from knit night, and she's awesome.  I saw these socks in person, and they were so gorgeous that I came home and queued the pattern immediately.  I swear I'll actually knit them someday.  I even have stash yarn picked out for them!
  • Nostalgia Top--For when I break down and knit a garment that's not a hat, socks, or a scarf.  This is from KnitPicks eons ago.  I still love it.
  • Peacock Shawlette--I love peacock feathers, and this shawl is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I could seriously stare at it for hours.
It also appears I have far too many fingerless glove type patterns in my queue for any sane person (seriously, I have 11 pairs!  and 10 pairs of mittens queued.  I don't have that many hands, y'all.)  I'm also noticing that I've been queueing a lot of cowls recently...

It never really ends, does it?

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