January 23, 2012

Something old, something new...

I am horrible at writing welcome or introduction posts, but here we are.

I have a new knitting blog, this time solo.  I've been part of a couple team blogs for awhile, so being by myself is new and a little scary, because I alone am responsible for keeping the content flowing.

This new blog will be much like the last, as I expect to discuss my projects (and their associated woes and success) with you all.  I chose the name "Unraveling Yarns" as a play on words for that very reason--not only will I be unraveling/dissecting my own knitting, but maybe the mysteries of yarn (and its multitude of weights, fibers, and colors) as well!  I'll be telling stories (i.e. spinning yarns) about my knitting adventures, and hopefully, I'll start reviewing some yarns as well (more unraveling...)

Here goes nothin'.

P.S. I may transfer some of my old Fiber Freaks posts here (i.e. things like the Dwarven Battle Bonnet mods), just so people don't have to hop back and dig through that blog.  I also plan to implement some tags for easy browsing!  Once I get some content, that is.

P.P.S. I would love some suggestions for yarns, patterns, etc. to try!

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