January 30, 2012


Post about organizing my stash, originally from Fiber Freaks.  I'm sort of proud of it, which is why I'm posting it again.

I finally broke down and organized my stash--it outgrew its plastic bin (shocker, right?).  It took me awhile to decide on how to go about doing this, but I finally picked the following solution:


I got the unit at Target (its one of their ClosetMaid Cubeicals) for about $40.  The little fabric-y cubes that go in it were on sale for $5.99 each, so all-in-all it cost me about $90.  I originally wanted a cheaper solution, but ended up liking the look of this, plus it gives me a little room to grow (I've only used 7 of the 9 cubes).


Unfortunately the cubes don't have a place for labels, and sticky mailing labels wouldn't stay, so I had to be crafty and make my own.  I used black and teal glitter scrapbook paper as a background and glued pieces of white cardstock labels onto them (I organized by weight).  I had read elsewhere on the internet that you could use Velcro sticky dots to stick labels to the bins, but I still couldn't get mine to stick, so I placed a strip of stick-on Velcro on the cubes so the labels would stay.  I like the Velcro plan, as now I can change them if I need to, and they also look pretty!

My bin of fingering weight.

I also managed to organize a lot of my loose knitting patterns,  printed off a bunch more and stuck them all in a binder (you can see it on top of the unit in the first photo).  I also started a Finished Objects binder, where I'll stick the copies of patterns I've written on, notes on the project, etc.  I considered filling out a little project page (listing needle size, yarn used, etc.,) but I decided to wait and see if   Ravelry eventually lets us print off or project pages (apparently its on their "things to do" list).

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