May 11, 2012


I still haven't knit a stitch since the last time I posted here.  I am in a total knitting funk right now, and I don't know why--I haven't even been checking the knitting blogs I usually read, and pictures of yarn haven't immediately caused drooling and envy like they used to.

Once and awhile I'll see a project and queue it up on Ravelry, but overall I'm just sort of uninspired.  I think its the sock knitting, to be honest.  I always get burned out when I'm knitting socks, which is funny because I love it when I finish them--they seem so complicated and fancy and I feel like a pro.

I'd stop worrying about the pair still languishing on my needles, but I promised them to my mother and I hate leaving things unfinished.  Stupid OCD.

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