May 23, 2012

I am nothing if not insane.

I don't know what my problem is.  Didn't I just post that socks always burn me out?  Oh, right, I did.  So why in heavens name am I considering knitting another pair when I haven't even finished the ones on my dang needles?

Because I am insane.  And I hate giving up (I will conquer you, socks!  I will start completing you in less than 3 months!!! I WILL!)

I was browsing the internet the other night, still frustrated by this whole magic loop heel thing, when I came upon a glorious, glorious tutorial by Heidi Bears (who, incidentally, has an awesome looking crochet bear pattern).  This tutorial was not of much help to me previously, as I was doing my 2-at-a-time socks leg-down with a heel flap and the instructions at Heidi Bears blog are for toe-up socks with a short-row heel (which I've never attempted by itself, let alone on magic loop).

But then I got to thinking--why not try it?  There it was, all spelled out for me with fantastic instructions and pictures, and such pretty example socks.

So, socks are likely in my future once again, though probably not right after I finish my mom's green pair.  I'll probably have a buffer project in there of some kind (maybe the aforementioned Malabrigo handwarmers?)

I am a glutton for punishment.

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