August 15, 2015

I always jinx myself

I have been long overdue for a post, but was in a knitting funk (obviously). Only lately have I started up again, and its still been rather slow. Let me update you on my (lack of) shenanigans!

  • Chroma Striped Scarf 
    • This hasn't been worked on at all, and will forever be in progress/hibernation. Oh well.
  • Raphaelite Socks (originally started Jan. 2013)
    • I've frogged these. When I pulled them out the other day to start working on them, I tried on the completed one only to pull a hole in the heel. Not sure if its the yarn (moths? cats?), or my knitting skillz, but I wasn't going to knit a whole other sock when one had a giant hole in it already. 
  • Plushy Mittens (originally started Dec. 2013)
    • I had re-started these last December because I wanted to make them shorter (I didn't like the longer arms), and the cuff of one got finished at some point. Just need to keep plugging away. I'd actually like to finish these before winter this year HA.
  • de Bourgh Brickless (originally started Aug. 2014).
    • Have worked on this in bits and pieces. Still in progress!
  •  Ripple Effect 
    • Still haven't restarted. I'll probably work on this after I finish the mittens and the Brickless.
  • Chevron Baby Blanket Number 1 (I discussed in the last post): 
    • This went NOWHERE. I didn't like that it was stockinette, and then I got unmotivated. Frogged! (It's not even on my projects page). HOWEVER:
  • Chevron Baby Blanket Number 2
    • I tried out a different pattern for my new baby niece, and actually completed it. In a month. I may have given myself carpel tunnel, but it was worth it. I picked the colors to match the nursery:
(Ignore the creases, I folded it up when I gifted it to them)

I love how this turned out! It's more garter stitch style, which makes it squeezable and cozy. The pattern was easy to remember, but not horrifically boring, so I powered through pretty well.

I have so much yarn that you'd think I'd be motivated to do something with it (and I have IDEAS, but a lack of motivation). However, lately I've suddenly become re-interested in cross-stitch again, so if I break down and do any of that, perhaps I'll blog about it here as well.

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