June 12, 2013

Podcasty update

I've been listening to a lot of knitting podcasts again, mainly because they help keep me motivated.  I do most of my listening at work because I'm currently alone in the laboratory, plugging away on sorting and boxing up artifacts (whee!).  It's nice and peaceful (for a change), but sometimes even I get sick of the silence. 

However, I am getting mildly frustrated because I've noticed that the podcasts that do reviews all tend to do the same review at around the same time.  I can only hear so many reviews about, for example (because its the latest case), Handmade in the U.K. by Tin Can Knits before it makes me want to throw something. (That said, there are some super cute patterns in that e-book.  I love the Loch mittens, especially.)

Anyway, I previously listed several podcasts that I'd been listening to and enjoying, and I still listen to all of them, though I've taken to listening to only selected episodes of Talkin' Toons and Nerdist.  I've added several (both knitting and non-knitting) to my lineup; if you're interested in what in the world those might be, take a peek below!

Have a podcast to recommend?  Just leave me a comment--I'm always interested in new ones!

In addition to the knitting podcasts listed in my previous post, I also now listen to these:

Just One More Row
Dana and Brittany are awesome, and both have lovely southern accents.  They talk about patterns, yarns, spinning, dyeing (Dana runs a dye shop on Etsy) and things they wish they could buy.  Their friendship comes through a lot in their conversation, which I like.

Knitting Pipeline
Paula is an experienced knitter and bagpiper who had correspondence with knitting matriarch Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Her podcast is mellow and peaceful, with segments not only about knitting (offering great advice), but also about the wildlife that lives around her home in Illinois.

Knotty Girls Knitcast
This is brand new (as of this post, only two episodes have been released), but I already love Laura and Jen.  I may be bias, though, because Laura is the creator of the Mean Girls Yarn Club, to which I belong and adore.  Another thing I love is that already they are having events/gatherings; makes me wish I lived a smidge closer to California.

Besides the knitting podcasts above, I've also started watching a couple of video podcasts:

Knitting in Circles Podcast
Aimee and Darren are a knitting couple, and are absolutely adorable.  I love that Aimee has a multitude of knitting project bags, including some that are Doctor Who themed.  It's also fun to see/hear a gentleman talk about knitting and spinning.

Leslie and Laura actually record themselves chatting from two different locations--an excellent use of technology!  They have reviews, discuss a variety of knitting-related topics (spinning, projects, etc.), and have a fabulous "Stash Dash" event that I wish I was more motivated to take part in.

The Dyer's Notebook
Laura is the awesome dyer behind Gynx Yarns, and offers a lot of advice and dyeing tips for all who are interested, in addition to talking about her latest knitting and spinning projects.  I'm interested in learning to dye, so this videocast is an excellent resource.

Last but not least, the non-knitting podcasts.  You'll sense a theme here...

The History Chicks
Each episode of this podcast spends an hour discussing the life of a lady from times past (e.g. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, Marie Antoinette, Josephine Baker, and Laura Ingalls). Beckett and Susan do an amazing job keeping the episodes fun and interesting, as well as packed full of information.

Stuff You Missed in History Class
By the same network/website that brought you Stuff You Should Know (which is on my original list), this podcast offers interesting history tidbits, about both popular subjects (e.g. Amelia Earhart) and things I never even knew existed (e.g. The Emu War of 1932).  Even the older episodes are great, though the original format of the show has changed (for the better).

When I first listened to one of these, I was worried I'd get bored because each episode is an hour and half long; I didn't.  Each episode features a review of a newly released film, a top-5 list related to that movie in some way, and a fun "massacre theater" section where the hosts read dialog from film listeners have to guess for a prize.  Listeners have many opportunities to participate, and can send in commentary of their own to be read on the air.  This podcast has resulted in my making a list of movies I need to watch.  Thanks, show!


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